Major Infrastructure Development Approvals (North West Transmission Upgrades Project) Order 2020

Under section 7(2) of the Major Infrastructure Development Approvals Act 1999 the Governor has made the Order. The Order provides for the project to be assessed as a combined development application, if approved by Parliament. The Order has been approved by the House of Representatives and is awaiting consideration in the Legislative Council.

The project consists of a high voltage (220Kv) power line from Palmerston to Sheffield, Sheffield to Burnie via a spur line to Heybridge, Burnie to East Cam, East Cam to Hampshire and Hampshire to Staverton. The project will also includes four substations at East Cam, Heybridge, Hampshire and Staverton. The project will include three sites at Hampshire, Nietta and South Nietta that will provide concrete batching plants, site offices and storage areas during construction. The project also includes any necessary ancillary development, such as access tracks, concrete batching, communications systems, conductor winching and braking sites, construction camps, site offices and storage areas.

The Order can be viewed here

The proposal is subject to an assessment by the Tasmanian Planning Commission