Tasmanian planning system

Land use planning is about determining the future of the places where we live, work and play. By setting policies, developing strategies and establishing a framework for decision making, planning provides a forum for our aspirations: what we want our society, our settlements, our infrastructure, our landscapes to look like, and how we want them to function.

Planning is about current land use decision making, and it is also forward looking. As well as regulating individual proposals, planning also establishes a broader more strategic approach to the long-term use and development of land, and protects the things that make Tasmania such a special place to live: our liveable communities, our unique natural environments and our diverse economic opportunities.

Through policies, strategies, and regulation, the Tasmanian planning system includes roles for all tiers of government, regulatory bodies and the community.

Want to know more about what Urban and Regional Planning is and what Planners do? Find out in a few minutes in this video prepared by Planning Institute of Australia.

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