Preparation of the Tasmanian Planning Policies

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Submissions received on the Draft Tasmanian Planning Policies (TPPs) are being reviewed. See below for what happens next.


The Minister has approved a draft suite of Tasmanian Planning Policies (TPPs) for consultation in accordance with section 12C(2) of Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (the LUPA Act) which requires that:

The Minister must consult with –

  1. The Commission; and
  2. The planning authorities; and
  3. The State Service Agencies, and the State Authorities, as the Minister thinks fit –

In relation to the intention to prepare a draft of the TPPs and a draft of the TPPs.

The Minister has also agreed to consult wider than those specified under s12C(2) of the Act. This is to obtain the views of the broader community so their issues can be addressed prior to the draft TPPs being lodged with the Tasmanian Planning Commission for independent review towards the end of this year.

The Tasmanian Planning Policies (TPPs) will, for the first time, establish the comprehensive, high-level policy framework for the planning system and will cover important issues, not just for planners and decision makers, but for all Tasmanians. See below for more information about how the development process is progressing.

The TPPs will shape the future for Tasmania through informing strategic land use planning and the planning rules in the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

The TPPs will also guide the comprehensive review of the three regional land use strategies in line with the recommendations from the Premier’s Economic and Social Recovery Advisory Council (PESRAC) Report released in March 2021.


The draft TPPs are accompanied by a Supporting Report that provides background information about the process and development of the draft TPPs. It aims to facilitate greater understanding and more meaningful consultation on the content of the TPPs and intended outcomes.

The draft TPPs have been informed by an initial scoping consultation that was undertaken late last year. Over 100 submissions were received indicating the high level of interest in the development of the TPPs and recognition of their importance in guiding the State’s planning system.

In April of this year, the Minister for Planning released a Report on the draft TPP Scoping Consultation that discussed the issues raised in submissions, summarised responses to them, and provided a revised TPP structure and table of TPP topics and issues that formed the basis for subsequent drafting of the TPPs.

The SPO is now inviting submission on the draft TPPs. Consultation will be open for 6 weeks and all submissions must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 1 November 2022.

Key document

Supporting documentation

How to Have Your Say

You can have your say by posting or emailing your written submission to the State Planning Office. Submissions must be received by our Office before the consultation period closes.

Postal address:

State Planning Office
Department of Premier and Cabinet
GPO Box 123

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Personal Information

No personal information other than an individual’s name or the organisation making a submission will be presented to Parliament or published.

For further information, please contact the State Planning Office by emailing , or read the Tasmanian Government Public Submissions Policy.

What happens next?

Tasmanian Planning Policies – development time line

Further information:

The State Planning Office website contains more information about the process for making the TPPs:

If you would like to discuss the TPP project further, or would like a briefing, please contact the State Planning Office within the Department of Premier and Cabinet at:
or by telephoning 1300 703 977