Regional Land Use Strategies

The Tasmanian Government recognises the important role of regional land use strategies in guiding land use planning. The regional land use strategies have a significant role to play in setting the medium to longer-term strategic directions for each region in Tasmania.

In context of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme, these regional land use strategies must be considered in the preparation of draft Local Provisions Schedules and when a planning authority decides to amend their Local Provisions Schedules or current Interim Planning Schemes, such as rezoning of land.

Under the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 , the Minister for Planning may declare regional land use strategies and must keep these strategies under regular and periodic review. The Minister is required to consult with the Tasmanian Planning Commission, planning authorities and relevant state service agencies and authorities before declaring or amending a regional land use strategy.

There are three regional land use strategies in effect in Tasmania:

The Department of Justice, Planning Policy Unit, with the endorsement of the Minister, has released Information Sheet RLUS 1 – Reviewing and Amending the Regional Land Use Strategies (PDF, 157.2 KB) .

The Information Sheet provides guidance on when and under what circumstances the regional land use strategies are reviewed and amended. It also provides information on the requirements and process for reviewing and considering amendments to the regional land use strategies