Guidance for drafting Local Provisions Schedules

Guideline No.1 – Local Provisions Schedules (LPS): zone and code application has been issued by the Tasmanian Planning Commission under section 8A of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (the Act) with the approval of the Minister for Planning and Local Government.

The Guideline was prepared by the Department of Justice, Planning Policy Unit (PPU) and provides an easy reference guide for the application of all zones and codes in the State Planning Provisions (SPPs) for the preparation of draft Local Provisions Schedules (LPSs).

The Commission has also issued four Practice Notes to assist local councils with the technical aspects of preparing zone and code maps and the written LPS document.

The Commission has also established a planners portal as a central resource to provide statewide technical guidance on the LPS requirements in the SPPs, and the requirements in the Guideline and Practices Notes, to council planners, GIS specialists or consultants that are preparing draft LPSs.

The PPU has also established a frequently asked questions section below to provide advice on other policy matters relating to the SPPs, Tasmanian Planning Policies, Regional Land Use Strategies, or the planning legislation. Questions may be submitted to and responses to these questions will be displayed in the frequently asked questions section below.

Published 5 May 2017