Have your say on the draft planning directive for temporary housing

The Minister for Planning, after considering the recommendations of the Tasmanian Planning Commission, directed the Commission to undertake an assessment of draft Planning Directive No.7 – Permits for Temporary Housing.

The draft Planning Directive was prepared by the Department of Justice and allows local councils to issue a planning permit for temporary housing under specific circumstances for up to 12 months.

The draft Planning Directive is currently subject to an independent review by the Tasmanian Planning Commission. As part of its review process, the Commission has placed it on public exhibition.

You can make a submission on the Planning Directive until 25 March 2020 through the Commission’s website.

Submissions received will inform the Commission’s recommendation to the Minister for Planning whether or not to issue the Planning Directive. The Commission may also hold public hearings on the submissions received.

The draft Planning Directive is currently in effect through Interim Planning Directive No. 3 – Permits for Temporary Housing until 4 September 2020 while the draft Planning Directive is being assessed. The draft Planning Directive will replace the Interim Planning Directive if issued.

What does the Planning Directive propose?

The draft planning directive aims to provide a temporary measure for housing for those people in immediate need of housing assistance. It is intended as an immediate, short-term response to any shortfall of permanent accommodation.

The interim planning directive provides a:

  • Permitted pathway for the use of an existing building, and any necessary minor development, for temporary housing in certain zones
  • Permitted pathway for installing buildings (such as converted shipping containers) for temporary housing on the same site, or a site adjoining, an existing social housing facility in certain zones.
  • Discretionary pathway for the use and development of an existing building, or the installation of buildings, for temporary housing that is beyond the Permitted pathway options.

Further information

Download background information on the draft Planning Directive No. 7:

Draft Planning Directive No. 7 – Permits for Temporary Housing – Background Report (PDF, 669.5 KB)

Download the interim planning directive and the associated fact sheet:

Interim Planning Directive No. 3 – Permits for Temporary Housing (PDF, 686.0 KB)

Fact Sheet IPD 3 – Interim Planning Directive No. 3 – Permits for Temporary Housing (PDF, 176.4 KB)