Housing Land Supply Act 2018

Facilitating the release and use of Government land suitable for affordable housing

The Housing Land Supply Act 2018 commenced on 20 July 2018.

The Act delivers on the Tasmanian Government’s commitment made at the Housing Summit in March 2018 to introduce legislation to fast track the release of Government land for affordable housing. The Act provides a more direct and efficient process to enable the Minister for Planning to make an order to rezone areas of Government land suitable for residential use for affordable housing. It also enables the Minister to make an order to apply specific planning controls for residential use and development to areas of Government land that are suitable for affordable housing, including land currently used for that purpose.

The Act includes strict controls on the exercise of the Minister’s powers. Under the Act, the Minister can only make an order after it has met rigorous eligibility and suitability criteria and following mandatory consultation with prescribed stakeholders and reporting to Parliament (which may disallow the order). This ensures that planning implications are properly considered and the views of affected parties are appropriately taken into account.

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