Land release for affordable housing

In response to the Housing Summit that was hosted by the Premier on 15 March 2018, the Government is taking action to assist in alleviating Tasmanian’s current housing shortage.

New legislation will be introduced as a priority into Parliament this year to provide a more direct and efficient process for rezoning and subdividing certain areas of Crown land to help accelerate the supply of housing, including affordable housing, in Tasmania.

To assist in providing immediate assistance to Tasmanians in need, the new legislation will also provide for the issuing of temporary emergency residential planning permits (or TERP permits) to facilitate emergency housing or accommodation.

The new legislation will override the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 and introduce the following two mechanisms:

Rezoning and subdividing certain areas of Crown land

The Minister for Planning Housing will be provided the power to

  • rezone scheduled Crown land that has been identified and assessed as being suitable for residential use
  • approve a planning permit for subdivision and plan of subdivision for a parcel of Crown land
  • nominate specific planning controls that apply to that land
  • seal the final plan of subdivision and
  • direct the Recorder of Titles to issue a clear title or titles accordingly.

The new legislation will apply to identified Crown land that is not reserved land or forestry land.  Relevant interested persons will be consulted as part of the Minister’s determination with regard to any proposed rezoning of identified Crown land and/or providing draft permit conditions or restrictions and comment on a plan of subdivision.

Providing for temporary emergency residential planning permits

The new legislation will also enable the Minister to issue a TERP permit to authorise the temporary use and development of Crown land or privately owned land for the provision of emergency housing or accommodation subject to certain safeguards and notification.

Download the Draft Residential Housing Supply Bill 2018 (pdf, 721.8 KB)