UPDATE – Major Projects Bill Fact Sheet – 27 April 2020

The following information aims to provide further clarity about the Major Projects Bill 2020

Comparisons with the existing Projects of Regional Significance (PORS) process

What advantages does the Major Projects Bill provide over the current Projects of Regional Significance process?

How has the current Major Projects Bill provided for the Governments initial intentions?

Can the Major Project process be stopped at an early stage?

Is the Major Project process quicker than the Development Application process and able to ‘fast track’ a proposal?

Comparisons with the existing Projects of State Significance (POSS) process

Is the Major Project process a replacement for the Projects of State Significance (POSS) process?

Eligibility of projects

Can any project be assessed under the Major Project process?

Is the consent of the landowner required with the Major Project process?

What does the Major Projects process not do?

Accountability, the Minister and the Independent Panel

How will the Independent panel be accountable?

Can appeals be made after a decision is made?

Why is the final decision on a Major Project made by an Independent Panel and not the Local Council?

Can the Minister direct the Independent Panel to approve a Major Project?

Can the Minister ‘hand pick’ the Independent Panel members?

Has the Tasmanian Planning Commission been sidelined?

Public involvement in the process

Does the Major Project process restrict public involvement in the process?

Does the Independent Panel determine the major project before the public can make submissions?

Other approvals/permits and regulators

Who are the regulators in the Major Project process and what do they do?

Does the Major Project process bypass other required approvals?

Can a Major Project be approved when a planning scheme would not allow it?