Comparisons with the existing Projects of State Significance (POSS) process

Is the Major Project process a replacement for the Projects of State Significance (POSS) process?

No, the Major Projects process is intended to be a different process that will sit between the POSS process and the standard development application process. The Major Projects process does not offer the full integrated assessment that the POSS process offers. Some key differences between the Major Projects process and the POSS process are:

  • Under POSS all approvals, licenses, authorities, land acquisitions required can be provided, such as Reserve Activity Assessments, Building approval, licences for operating, mineral extraction or dams, where these are not provided for in a Major Project permit.
  • Under POSS land owner consent is not required for POSS projects on council or government land, where under the Major Projects process, land owner consent for major projects on council or government land is required.
  • A POSS project is not required to be consistent with a relevant regional land use strategy.
  • A POSS permit process cannot be appealed under Judicial Review.
  • Under POSS Parliament can override the decision of the Tasmanian Planning Commission.