Public involvement in the process

Does the Major Project process restrict public involvement in the process?

No, the level of public consultation in the Major Project process has not decreased from that in the current Project of Regional Significance (PORS) process. As with all current discretionary development application assessment processes, the public make submissions on the proposal before the Independent Panel carries out its final assessment and before the normal regulators carry out their final assessments and advise the Independent Panel. Additionally, the public have an opportunity to attend and participate in public hearings before the Independent Panel finalises its assessment.

The Independent Panel’s hearing process will provide for the public to test issues and evidence, similar to an appeal process, as is currently the case in the PORS process and all other Tasmanian Planning Commission hearings into planning scheme amendments.

Does the Independent Panel determine the major project before the public can make submissions?

No, the Independent Panel prepares a draft assessment report and places that on public exhibition along with the other project documents. The public can make a submission to the Independent Panel about the Independent Panel’s initial findings as well as the project itself and then test their submission at the public hearing. This all occurs before the Independent Panel makes its final decision on the proposed major project.