Short Stay Accommodation Act 2019

The Short Stay Accommodation Act 2019 (the SSA Act) came into effect on 4 June 2019, and applies to both new and existing property listings on booking websites in residential areas.

The SSA Act delivers a data sharing partnership with booking platforms that offer short stay accommodation in Tasmania. It places obligations on the hosts of premises used for short stay accommodation in Tasmania (the “short stay premises provider”) and the operator of a booking platform that advertises and takes bookings for these premises (the “booking platform provider”).

Under the SSA Act, hosts of properties that are listed on short stay accommodation websites like Airbnb, HomeAway and, may need to provide certain information about the property to the website operator from 4 December 2019 onwards.

This applies to all properties (other than hotels, motels and caravan parks) located within these planning scheme zones:

  • General Residential Zone
  • Inner Residential Zone
  • Low Density Residential Zone
  • Rural Living Zone
  • Environmental Living Zone
  • Village Zone
  • Activity Area 1.0 Inner City Residential (Wapping)

To find out what zone a property falls into, refer to or contact the relevant local council for assistance.

Required information includes:

  • Confirmation that the property has the required planning permit (including the permit number), or that it does not require a planning permit, or has existing use rights
  • Street address of the property
  • Number of bedrooms used for short stay accommodation
  • Whether the property is the host’s main place of residence

The website operator will then provide the information to State Government. The SSA Act provides a coordinated approach for collecting information on short stay accommodation and will assist with:

  • better understanding the use of housing and inform planning and policy; and
  • compliance to ensure ‘everybody plays by the rules’

Penalties apply for hosts and booking platforms for non-compliance with the SSA Act.

More information on the SSA Act is available in:

Tailored information packages are also available for short stay premises providers and booking platform providers:

Collected data

Data collected under the SSA Act can be found on the Consumer, Building and Occupations Service's website:

Do you need a permit to host Short Stay Accommodation?

You do not require a planning permit if you meet the ‘home-sharing’ exemption, which applies if the dwelling is used by the host (as owner or occupier) as their main place of residence and:

  • the dwelling is only let to visitors while they are on vacation or are temporarily absent, or
  • visitors are accommodated in not more than four bedrooms while the host is living there.

For all other instances, a planning permit from the relevant local council is required. Planning Directive No. 6 – Exemption and Standards for Visitor Accommodation in Planning Schemes (PDF, 160.3 KB) came into effect on 1 July 2018 and specifies the planning requirements for short stay accommodation within a residential zone.

A brief summary of the requirements in Planning Directive No. 6 is available in:

A Standard Application Package is available (in Microsoft Word and PDF versions) for applying for a planning permit for a ‘Permitted’ change of use to Visitor Accommodation in a residential zone:

More information on the changes to the requirements for Visitor Accommodation use in residential zones implemented by Planning Directive No. 6 is available in: