Minister announces intention to issue Planning Directive No. 8

The Minister for Local Government and Planning has announced his intention to issue draft Planning Directive No. 8 – Exemptions, Application Requirements, Special Provisions and Zone Provisions (draft Planning Directive No. 8) in accordance with the recent amendments made to the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 (LUPA Act).

Draft Planning Directive No. 8 brings into effect certain parts of the State Planning Provisions (SPPs) through the remaining interim planning schemes during the transition to the Tasmanian Planning Scheme. It is currently in effect through Interim Planning Directive No. 4. The SPPs are also now in effect in several municipalities through the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

The recent amendments to the LUPA Act provide for the issuing of a planning directive (such as Planning Directive No. 8) which implements certain parts of the SPPs without completing the normal assessment process. This is due the SPPs already being approved and in effect as part of the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.

Submissions received by the Tasmanian Planning Commission on draft Planning Directive No. 8 have been carefully considered with issues broadly classified into matters that are proposed to be addressed through the following:

  • the 5-yearly statutory review of the SPPs commencing in 2022;
  • the pending review of residential development standards derived from Planning Directive No. 4.1;
  • error corrections to Planning Directive No. 8; and
  • minor amendments to the SPPs to also be reflected in the issued Planning Directive No. 8.

The Planning Policy Unit has prepared a detailed summary report on the issues raised in the submissions:

The Tasmanian Planning Commission has also published the submissions on their Assessments webpage.

The Minister intends to align the issuing of draft Planning Directive No. 8 with the making of the minor amendments to the SPPs later in 2021 to ensure the changes align and to minimise any impacts on the Commission, councils and the broader community.